Risotto and The Myths of It

Risotto and The Myths of It

Risotto is hands down of of my favourite dishes to order when I’m out or to make at home.  When people hear risotto, people automatically equate it with a few things that aren’t actually the case.  Well, today I address the myths behind making risotto.

1. It’s Difficult to Make and Takes Hours to Prepare

This is probably the number one reason why people are often intimated and avoid making risotto.  The funny thing is that it is incredibly easy to make and takes maybe 30 minutes to prep and cook.

Honestly, anyone can make risotto.  The biggest thing to making it is you NEED to use the right rice for it.  Brown rice, sushi rice, white rice or instant rice will not work.  You need to use a rice that will absorb the liquid.  I personally use Arborio rice as you can find at almost every grocery store.  The second thing with making risotto is that you need to add the stock of your choosing (I prefer chicken stock but have also used vegetable stock before) slowly and continuously stir until the rice absorbs it.  This is not a dish you want to walk away from or get distracted (get off social media) because you do not want to overcook it or worse, burn it.

2. It’s Really Rich With Butter and Cream

The reason why risotto looks so rich and creamy is because of the texture of the rice. I never add cream and hardly use any butter (because if you have read previous posts, you would know of my complex digestive issues).  While you are more than welcome to add cream and a ton of butter to your risotto (and some restaurants do so just be aware if you have digestive issues like me), you can get away without adding any. She good stock and white wine can go a long way to making a rich, creamy texture that tastes amazing.

3. It’s Expensive to Make/Order So Only Rich People Eat It

I actually have read this comment about risotto more than once.  Seriously people, it’s not an expensive meal to make.  Sure, if you start adding things like truffles and saffron it can add up, but you can also get a $500 burger some places in the world.  It doesn’t mean that burgers are expensive.  It’s all about the ingredients you use and risotto is pretty simple.

A one cup serving of dry arborio rice and 3 cups of chicken stock is really all you would need to make a quality risotto, and that only costs about $2 in total. Add in butter, cream, saffron (the most expensive herb in the world), truffles (also very expensive), and anything else you like, and it will push the price higher.

I honestly do not know why risotto is perceived as a pretentious meal.  I’m just an average person who likes food and I eat it.  It would actually make a great family meal as you could make it large enough and can add whatever vegetables and or meat you want to it. Trust me, I’m super full after I eat a bowl of it.  So yes, you can eat risotto.  Stop thinking you can’t try it cause it’s “fancy”.

If you are wondering what a great risotto recipe to follow is, I love the one in Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings cookbook.  It’s simple and easy to use and it’s the one that I keep going back to.  Even though this recipe doesn’t call for it, I always add some chicken and prawns to it as I always like to have some protein in all my meals.

So next time you’re out grocery shopping, go pick up some risotto rice, stock (chicken, vegetable or seafood) and give making risotto a try.  You’ll thank me for it!

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