From Hating To Loving – Brussel Sprouts

From Hating To Loving – Brussel Sprouts

There are some foods that if you asked me to eat up until five years ago, I would have responded with “no way in hell”.  Brussel sprouts would have been one of those foods.

When people think of brussel sprouts, they probably get feelings of dread, fear, hatred and even nausea.  I think people can relate to me that when I was behaving badly as a kid, I was actually threatened with having to eat brussel sprouts.  It was for that very reason why I refused to ever eat them.  I thought they were disgusting and that no one actually eats them, let alone enjoy them.

Then something happened: brussel sprouts became the hot new food trend.  Soon, restaurants everywhere had them on their menu.

It wasn’t until Dean and I were out for supper one night, and brussel sprouts were being served with my main course.  But these were not the boiled, steamed plain brussel sprouts that you were forced to eat as kid.  Instead, these had been sliced, roasted and cooked in balsamic vinegar.  They actually looked and smelled good.  I took a bite and could not believe what happened, I actually liked them.  Not only did I like them, I loved them and wanted to eat more of them.  I thought “who am I?”

I discovered the reason I never liked (and even hated) them was because they were not cooked right.  Anything can taste awful if it’s not prepared right.

When I make brussel sprouts at home, I will slice them up thinly into a mixing bowl, sprinkle some salt and pepper and pour in a small amount of balsamic (enough to cover all the brussel sprouts) and then mix them around in the bowl.  I will put down some parchment paper on a baking sheet, pour the brussel sprouts onto the baking sheet and place in the oven for around 20 minutes at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tip: If you cook them too long, the balsamic will burn and the brussel sprouts will be charred.

Another way that I’ve enjoy brussel sprouts in when they are thinly sliced and added to salads.

There are so many different ways to actually enjoy brussel sprouts.  Here are a  couple of links to a few great recipes:

11 Easy Recipes for Brussel Sprouts 

The 16 Best Brussel Sprouts Recipes of All Time

I totally get there are people reading this who are no way in hell ever going to like brussel sprouts (regardless of how they are prepared).  Like anything, food is subjective.  There are different foods I enjoy that others full on hate (ie. kale).  I’m not here to change your mind or tell you what to eat as you are an adult and can make your own choices.  I’m simply suggesting to not write different foods completely until you have tried them prepared differently.  Sometimes, you might be completely surprised.

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